16 thoughts on “Joomla 1.6 car template”

  1. Hi. I am newbie in joomla and I want to modify the pictures part of your template. Where can I find it? Is module or article?
    How can I change the links and position in this part?

    P.S. I love this template

  2. Hi.
    I tried this template on firefox, opera, and IE.
    While the template looks fine on firefox and opera, on IE it is.. how do you call it? wrong? out of place?
    On my IE (ver 6), the menu is displayed on the right side of the screen. partially hidden (out of screen coverage).
    the main body is displayed at the bottom of the screen, below the left column.
    the rounded corner is not displayed.

    Something wrong with my IE, or is it the template?

  3. Everything seems to work fine except the login registration. You can’t see the input boxes and it makes it extremely difficult for a someone to become a member. Any ideas how I can make it so visitors can see the data input boxes?

  4. Hello there. I have changed the images but I thought they would be modules. I do not know where they look to and why they are not modules.
    Can you let me know please?
    Greatly appreciate it. Great template for sure.

  5. Hi there. I’ve been trying to use the template but get can’t some aspects similar to the live demo.

    1. The menu bar on the left appears but the bullet format is not similar to the live demo.
    2. Is it possible to move the login form to the right side? Changing the position doesn’t work. It won’t appear on the location.
    3. How do you add the gray/black text box similar to the live demo with the title of “Beginners”?
    4. Lastly, where are the picture links on the heading with Car Parts, Wheels, and Tuning located inside Joomla if you want to edit them.

    I’m quite new to using Joomla and any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  6. Hi, I just installed your beautiful template. I’m using Joomla 1.7 and I can’t see all of the left menu, and the buttons in the orizontal line of menu under the logo..

    • Sorry I can’t remove my first post: it’s all fixed..! The only thing that I miss (and I see already posted by others, but yet not replied) is how to modift those three pictures and their link. They’re not modules, but indeed they are the most significant element in your template..it should be better to meke them easily changeable..pleeeease..!
      And thanx..

      • Which 3 images? Do you mean the 4 slideshow images? You have to change it from the SLIDESHOW folder. Add description links from the template parameter.


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