5 thoughts on “Free Orange Template for Joomla”

    • Why don’t you simply install Joomla 1.6? By the way we have many nice templates for J1.5. Take a look at our older posts.

  1. Dear Sir,
    The ORANGE template is so beautiful. I want to use it for my website.
    I really appreciate your work. Please continue.
    Is there any catch for providing this free theme ? OR is it totally free.

    Best Regards


  2. Hi

    I’ve encountered an issue with this template in that it won’t centre text in articles unless the text covers a certain width of the page. Try it with just a few words; create an article, centre the text and save – it isn’t centred.

    For now I’ve added in nonsense text and made it the same colour as the background, but this is a kludge and not really ideal!

    I appreciate the work you chaps do, so wanted to provide feedback on issues. Thanks for the free template (hopefully a new site up soon using it for a customer 😀 )


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