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Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5 template #42-2813

Do you want a car joomla template for free? Try this one. It has a professional red design and 3 columns. This works great for any website or blog. Download it now.
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Red joomla theme - BestCars, 4.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

19 thoughts on “Red joomla theme – BestCars”

  1. Just started Joomla two days ago. You themes are great! Quick question on this theme (noob)…
    1. How do I add content to the pink box next to the left of the best cars logo
    2. How do I add the tabs like in home/site map/login….
    TIA – Jack

  2. Hi,
    1. Enable “Newsflash” on all pages (in Modules)
    2. Set position of each module to “left” or “right” (in Modules)

  3. It’s the default newsflash position. It’s something like “newsflashload” or similar. It’s set to that by default I think.

  4. The other way is to open the file called templateDetails.xml in your template folder.
    When open the folder I got a message thats the file is broken. I have download a new one but it gives the same error.

    What did i wrong?

  5. sorry what does not work? templateDetails.xml is broken? If it’s working in the live demo it should working on your site as well.

  6. I got all the menus and the left and right modules to show up. But how to I get the search box to show up at the top right? I’ve tried a few different module positions, but couldn’t get it to appear at the top right like it is on the live demo.

  7. Actually, I just figured it out. I made the “search” box part of the “top” module and it appears there. Thanks. Also, thanks for the nice looking template.


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