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Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5 template #80-12458

One of the best blue templates for Joomla is this one called "Inspiration". This is a free template with module positions and a great slideshow. It has a nice design and 3 columns.
Live demo
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Joomla 1.7 template - Inspiration, 4.1 out of 5 based on 22 ratings

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  1. Hi,

    I am testing Joomla 1.7 with your template and it looks fantastic! I do have a couple of issues and hope you can help.

    1. The top menu in position-1 gets cut off by the slideshow. It looks like it it hidden behind. Incidentally, I tried menuload and it did the same thing.

    2. When mousing over a menu item, the sub-menu is displayed, but when a menu-item of the sub-menu is moused over, the next level sub-menu is not displayed.

    3. The slideshow worked at the beginning, but when I tried to use menuload as the position for the top menu, it disappeared, even after I switched the top menu position back to position-1. Strangely, it did the same with other templates of yours, such as Mint and Deserted.

    Thanks in advance.

      • Thanks for your reply. The live demo doesn’t have submenu in position-1, so it is hard to see if it happens there with the cut-off after 5 items on the submenu.

        Also, want to correct that when I use the menuload position, the submenu doesn’t get cutoff, but when hovering over the submenu, the deeper level submenu doesn’t show.

  2. I have the same issues with the preview user in 2 and 3… How can I fix it…

    Also I like to change the top banner. The template has as default the 450 pixels for the banner… I try to make it 468 or bigger but it goes outside the header. How do I fix this?

  3. I thing you understand the header…

    Banner I mean where the ad in on top (you can see in in my site). When I change it from 450 to 468 or bigger it goes to the right (and that mean outside the header)…

    Also if you can fix this also it would be great:
    2. When mousing over a menu item, the sub-menu is displayed, but when a menu-item of the sub-menu is moused over, the next level sub-menu is not displayed.

  4. I can’t get the pictures in the slideshow to change from the originals. Even when I change URL, the original pictures are there. I even opened a flickr account so I could copy what you did. I got the text to change, but not the image. Thanks for your help!

  5. Hi,

    I’m using your template ‘inspiration’: very good! but in home, in some article, appears this message:

    Notice: Undefined property: ContentViewFeatured::$print in /home/public_html/templates/inspiration-tg/html/com_content/featured/default_item.php on line 67

    Can you help me in removing this message ?



    • Same here but only on the featured pages.

      Also would like to remove the logo; is it just a case of deleting the file. Many other templates have a switch.

  6. I love this, however just one thing, I only want the Slideshow to show on the homepage. Is it possible to do this?! Many thanks!

  7. I am currently using your template on my website (joomla 1.7) however it looks quite different. Articles are not shown in the curved edge box as shown in the demo. I have tried all the settings and just can’t get that look. What am I doing wrong?

  8. when I select a article as a featured post,show this notice aafter slidshow.
    Notice: Undefined property: ContentViewFeatured::$print in D:\wamp\www\templates\inspiration-tg\html\com_content\featured\default_item.php on line 67

    how can i fix this problem?

  9. On the top menu in menuload postion, hovering shows the first level submenu, but hovering over the items on the submenu doesn’t display the next level submenu. How do I fix it? (show submenu is set to yes).


  10. Doesn’t work for me on my multilingual Joomla 1.7.2 site.
    It just doesn’t display anything except the damn slideshow. If I turn it off, the site is empty. Strange.

  11. I like your template. However, I’m having difficulty with your topmenu position. The top position appears, but the topmenu does not. I just want to have a log-in and register appear in the topmenu.
    When I go to the module positions, the topmenu is not an option in the template. Your help would be appreciated.

  12. Dear Sir,

    I”m using your template on my site and have applied hwdVideoshare and hwdphotoshare components and related plugins. I’m facing a problem with the sliding problem of the features in both components. The hwd support says it is possible mootool or jquery conflict with the template. I have tried those components on joomla default templates and they work fine then.

    using joomla 1.6.6

    Any recommendations.


  13. I know what are the links I can not remove the license according to where it says Template by themegoat logo below what other information I can replace, thank you very much

  14. A got hte inspiration template but i can not figure out how i can change the images of the slideshow however i try. Please help me!!!!!1

  15. I can easily change the copyright even the one under the copyright ha ha ha ha its done through index.php and function.php search it on google you will find it or add me on skype assad.jehangir.shah ill tell u!!

  16. Hi all,
    I was using another template, i have changed and now i am using your template. But all menus disapeared after changing the template, when i look at the menus in admin panel they published. What can I do to make the visible again?

    • Hi, this template is wonderfull, but I want to change the style.css because I want the footer’s background identically to the header’ colour that’s blue.
      How can I do this?
      thanks a lot.

  17. Bonjour,
    I am testing this template (joomla 1.7.3).I like. But i have testing a very simple slide show ( put in artcle.but it do not work with your template.The function start , stop, >> or << are blocked. But if i use template joomla ,beez, parkside, the slide show work good.
    Have you some Explanation?
    Great regards from France

  18. Hello,

    Very nice template. I have only one problem. In the slideshow I don’t want to write any description or something else but when I go to template manager and leave blank all the fields for the slideshow nothing happens! How can I make my site play the slideshow without these description?

    Thanks in advance,

  19. Hello,

    This template is excellent. Very good work. One question. How can I make the slideshow to play without the description, anchor, URL? I want to see only my images! Please help me!

    Parakatis Meletis

  20. I like this template but am having an issue as a new Joomla user I can’t seem to figure out. I want to put a different Logo in the top left hand corner of the template instead of the “inspiration” Logo that comes with the template. How do I do that?

    Also, I would like to put a graphic on the right hand side and was using a banner to do that in the TOP position, but it ends up being centered instead of all the way to the right. How can I get my graphic to be all the way over to the right at the top of the template?

    • OK. I figured it out. I discovered that you can hit the preview button which is just to the left of the template name in the template manager (styles tab). This shows you the location of all the positions. Once I figured that out, the rest was relatively easy. Images are actually particularly easy via the random image module choice whcih comes with the template. Then it was just a question of adjusting the image to fit the template. That was easy – NOT! Unitil you figured out how.

  21. I am setting up a site with Inspiration. Really like the template! As someone mentioned I can only get one level of submenu. Do you plan on adding code to support more levels? Thanks!

    • I’m wanting to know the same thing about more sub menu levels, there’s a few other people asking too but it seems like the question is not going to get answered any time soon

  22. Hi,

    I have a few questions.

    1. In the updated (Inspiration-FTJ)template it’s another font on the screen. I liked more the font from Inspiration-TG1 than Inspiration-FTJ, but I like the slideshow from FTJ. How can I change the font to be same as Inspiration-TG1 (i looked in styles.css at both versions and I saw no difference in font famylies)?

    2. How can I add more pictures to the slideshow (more tham 4)?

    3. It is possible to add another slideshow module (in slideshow position) instead of yours? How?

    Thank you in advance,

  23. Hi there,

    Just downloaded your fab Inspiration template and change the .jpg with the family photos. How do you get the menu working ? I have activated them within the template manager but nothing is showing?

    Could you please provide me with the basic steps on how to get the menus working please. I’m using Joomla 1.7 on Wins 7.

    Thanks for your help.



    • Hello again,

      Found your instruction about how to turn the menu on but having difficulty understanding the instruction with Joomla 1.7.

      Admin panel > Extensions > Module Manager > Click on “Menu”

      I do not have the “Menu” option. All I got is ‘MainMenu’ listed on the module manager. With the menus at the top of the screen, I have got ‘Menus’ with the options of:

      Menu Manager
      Main Menu

      Could you explain in steps what I need to do to get the menus to appear on the template please.

      Thanks for your assistance.



  24. To Admin,

    I really enjoyed using your template design especially the Inspiration -GT; however, I do have a bud to report in the template.
    Whenever i login for some reason the last Menu object wrapped and stay right under the home menu. is there any suggestions a to why the menu behavior is out of control? or is this something I can control from the CSS stylesheet?
    Secondly…Is it possible for me to change the template background color?

    Thanks in advance and i look forward to your response.

  25. In a fresh Joomla 1.7 install, I installed the tg-inspiration template. It works, but there is an error on any secondary pages I create with the slideshow. The home page (which is set to point to an article) works fine, the slideshow displays and no error. But, I added two more pages (both pointing to articles) and when I go to those pages, no slideshow displays, and I see two errors in IE (8):
    “Message: ‘this.container’ is null or not an object
    Line: 296
    Char: 3
    Code: 0
    URI: http://lamp1/chl/templates/inspiration-tg/slideshow/NivooSlider.js

    Message: Object doesn’t support this property or method
    Line: 473
    Char: 25
    Code: 0
    URI: http://lamp1/chl/media/system/js/mootools-core.js

    No error in chrome or firefox, but no slideshow on those 2 pages either (home page is ok though).

    Any ideas?

  26. Is there any way to get more levels on the drop down menu, I have several sub-menu levels and only the first level shows, I have changed all the settings in the menu module to allow all sub-menu levels but no joy. I see several other people asking the same question but it is continually dodged???

    I need to be able to get it like this:

    Menu Item
    Sub-menu item
    Sub-sub-menu item
    Sub-sub-menu item
    Sub-sub-menu item

    Other than that it’s an awesome template

  27. Hi

    i like your template very much. But i have one issue.
    I created a top menu and it differs from your demo. In your Demo the Topmenu have a white background. And my top menu has only the text / link but dont have a white background. I have the blue background from banner/logo.
    Sorry my website is installed local so i cant post you a link to show you my problem. But i hope you understand me.
    Sorry, but my english is not the best.

    Thank you
    Greets Eddie

  28. Hi, i have used this template in my latest website. Its awesome! But i get a clickable link in the header image which shows up all the time. How can i get rid of it. Pls help. Will give u the link if needed.

  29. hi, i´ve testet your templet and it is amazing. thanks a lot. there is only one question, can i use more than four images in the slider?
    hope you can help me,

  30. Hi.
    Using this template, but….
    Changing the pictures in the slideshow difficult. Have to go around and upload and rename pictures since the administration page has no effect.
    Also page using som jQuery-thing owerwriting some basic Joomla code causing other plugins/extensions using the original Joomla-coding will not work 🙁

  31. Hi, am using this theme for my webiste. I need to insert a footer menu with all the links. Is it possible to do it in this theme? If so pls suggest me how to. Thanks in advance

  32. Hi there,

    i have a problem, when i install this template. And open it with IE so the style is wron the corners are not round, and the top menu in position 1 have a linebrake after the first menuentry.
    In Chrome or Safari it works correctly.
    Have you any ideas?
    Thanks a lot!

  33. I have a question.
    Is it possible to edit some file in order to have 5 images and not only 4 in the slideshow ????
    Even if I edit the right file (dunno wich one) the backend of the template has textboxes just for 4 descriptions so I dunno if what I am asking is possible….



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