The Best Joomla Alternatives

Joomla is basically a great content management system which helps developers in building different sites and of course various online applications. Joomla is being used widely because it is easily available and that too for free of cost. However, Joomla is obviously not perfect and can be really tough, at times.

Honestly, the templates are not so impressive and you can never recognize a good Joomla website. Also, Joomla has around 4000 extensions available and once can just get lost in the extensions instead of taking an advantage of it.

A Joomla website is hard to update and is not considered a good tool for elites. With a lot of advantages, there are some disadvantages as well. This is why we have brought some best Joomla alternatives for you.

IM Creator:

imcreatorIM Creator is definitely one of the best alternatives for Joomla. With IM-Creator, your website making experience will only get better. It will make things easier, simpler and of course enjoyable. You will have templates and readymade designs to select from. All you need to do is to add your content and publish it, simple. With IM-Creator, you will get reliable hosting, easy to edit environment and of course a sustainable website.

You will have to select a design for yourself from dozens of available templates. You have an option to customize the design and once you are done, you can publish it. You must use it in order to know the benefits of it.

bloggerBlogspot is again a great alternative to Joomla. This will help you in experiencing a total different and streamlined blogging experience. has a lot to offer starting from different templates to an option of customization. You can easily start your own blog with The best part is that it has a simple to use interface and easy to understand. The biggest advantage of is that you can host your website for free of cost. You can even add pictures and videos with your blog posts to make things more interesting. There are tons of other features that has to offer so do check it out.

wordpressI am sure you are aware of, after all, who isn’t. WordPress was started in 2003 but gained popularity instantly and is still being used widely.  WordPress has recently introduced a blogging system which makes it a great content management system. You also get to have innumerable plugins, widgets and a lot more. WordPress is used by hundreds and thousands of people all over the world for blogging and other purposes. If you are looking for a not so complex content management system, this is for you.

tumblrTumblr is a popular website and is widely used as well however, tumblr is considered to be a great CMS as well. If you are looking to build a simple site for your posts, pictures and videos, then you should opt for Tumblr is relatively and easy CMS in comparison to others available. I can easily say that tumblr can become the next most used CMS. In the world of micro-blogging, tumblr has already made it big with almost 113 million active users. However, it will take time to reach the heights of WordPress.


The above mentioned alternatives are great if you are looking to use something else than Joomla. If you have any other alternatives of Joomla, please share with us.

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