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How can I use the templates?

*** Read this first

This is a free template released under the CREATIVE COMMONS 3 license. You can use it on any kind of website (even commercial websites*)

and you can share it on the internet.

You can modify the image files and css file if you want.

* We do not take credit for any images, icons, effects used in this template (there may be some elements that are not allowed for commercial use so check this first or use it at your own risk).

The images, icons are for preview only.


Make sure you are using Joomla 1.5 or newer

Log in to Admin and go to:

Extensions > Extension Manager > Browse file > Upload and Install template

If it was successful go to:

Extensions > Module Manager and set the modules to their positions.

ex. If you want the login form on the left site in the Module Manager click on the “Login” link from the list > click on Select Positions > Choose the position “left” or any other position and set the Module Assignment to “On all pages”.

The sidebar module positions are called “left” and “right”.

For the position names check the file called templateDetails.xml found in this template folder.

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